Monday, November 14, 2011

Grant Lindberg - Revolution FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD


Get it HERE

Having trawled the internet, I have been unable to find out any more about this artist than this:

Grant Lindberg is a solo artist out of Minneapolis, MN. He has been called “a poor man’s Matthew Sweet in a box.” He has been several bands including Avenue, The Methods and Alceon.

I am not sure that I personally would call him a poor mans Matthew Sweet in a box, whatever that means?  Grants music is full of vibe and energy, depth and richness and for those of you that like some crunching guitars in your mix of power pop, you will love this.

You can find three of Grants albums, including this one and an E.P over on his bandcamp page, all really worth taking time out to listen to, in the meantime, if I manage to find anything else out about the man and the music, I shall post it here as soon as!!!

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