Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rare Mod Volume 2 - Various Artists

1.The Richard Kent Style – A Certain Misunderstanding,
2.Mac Kissoon – 1000 Ways Of Loving You.
3.The Donnie Elbert Band – A Love I Believe In.
4.The Amboy Dukes – More And More.
5.The Nocturnes – Hay, That’s What Horses Eat.
6 C-.Jam Blues – Gonna Find A Cave.
7.Chancis Are – I’m Talking ‘bout You.
8.The Gas Company – She’s Got The Time.
9.The Fleur De Lys – Nothing To Say.
10.The Summer set – Oh Miss Stone.
11.Parkers Mood – Don’t Mess With Cupid.
12.The Booker T’s – Stupidity.
13.The Amboy Dukes – You Better Find Yourself Some one.
14.The Nocturnes – Night Owl.
15.The Inner Set – You’re Not The Kind To Know
16.The Spartans – Lies.
17.The Westsiders – Don’t Lie To Me.
18.The Fleur De Lys. - I Walk The Sands
19.Dave Antony’s Moods – See My Soul.

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  1. very very good! and sorry no,no deliveries! although im sure there is some very nice swedish pizzas!