Monday, April 9, 2012

Marty Graveyard (Ex The Madd) album in the making!!!!!

For those of you who are still smarting over the demise of The Madd, here is some excellent news!!!!!!

Marty's Graveyard 'Summer Holiday'! 'Summer Holiday' is the first solo album by Marty Graveyard, known as the drummer / singer of The Madd! Marty also wrote some songs for this acclaimed power-pop combo, including the singles' I Know’ and 'Step into the sun’ .. After rave reviews from the press about his songs, Marty decided to write more and in no time there was an entire album of catchy guitar pop/rock material on the shelves.
 When The Madd disbanded it was the logical step to go solo and make album himself! How to make a record like you're on your own? Simple, you play all the instruments yourself.  Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals and harmonies are all performed by Marty. However, sometimes you just need something extra. Therefore, Marty also asked a number of artists to contribute to 'Summer Holiday'. Guest contributions are there from a.o. Joe Sixpack (Ragtime Wranglers) and Dave von Raven (The Madd) The production of 'Summer Holiday' was done by Marty Graveyard and his former bandmate Marcel Fakkers .. 'Summer Holiday' can be described as a feelgood guitar pop album. Catchy choruses and ditto Guitar Lines make you feel like it's summer forever. Marty has developed a unique style and sound with influences from a.o. the Californian popsound. If you think of The Beach Boys you're a step in the right direction .. Sprinkle a glimmer of punk rock on top of that and you get 'Summer Holiday'! If you really want to enjoy the summer?! .. Then you go on 'Summer Holiday' Marty Graveyard!

The album "Summer Holiday" will be released in June, meanwhile, here is a little teaser......

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"Summer Holiday" will be reviewed here on the blog as soon as it is released! :)

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