Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Smoggers - Shame On You SINGLE NOW AVAILABLE

The Smoggers serve up a "smoggersboard" of rip-roaring garage punk for your delight on their latest release "Shame On You."  This is as true to sixties garage punk as a band could be, great farfisa organ, guitar distortion turned up to 11 a solid bass and percussion section with the whole scenario set on fire by vocalists Jesus and Fernando Smogger.

 The Smoggers are:

 Fernando Smogger - Vocals Guitar, Harmonica
 Jesus Smogger - Vocals and Guitar
Gusti Smogger - Bass Guitar
 Ana Smogger - Drums, Farfisa and Vocals

This new 7” contains three gripping tunes under an impressive artwork by scene ace Darren Merinuk, who brings his own insightful view of the genre. The songs were analogically recorded by Mike Mariconda and Maxi Holler at The Hollers Analog Studio in Málaga in April 2012. The original A side, entitled “Shame on You”, is definitely one of the Smoggers’ best songs ever, with its doses of piercing farfisa and gorgeous fuzz guitar. The cover of the 1980s Texan band The Delinquents, “It’s Just Not the Same”, brings a punk new wave song into a new original dimension of dark rock and roll. The third tune is informed by wild guitar riffs, hypnotic vocals and bursting rhythmic energy.
The Smoggers then, like a good diamond mine, are both dazzling and prolific. Their music is one of the best veins of 60s roots discovered recently. All but without a break, they surprise us with stunning gems from the core of rock and roll. Find out for yourself with this exciting single, published by a new label, KOTJ, whose production, based on the excellent criterion of its main factotum, is bound to impress you both in Spain and abroad. (AlexMagicpop2012)

The single is available from:

P.O.BOX 4042 47080 VALLADOLID SPAIN EMAIL : KOTJ.Records@yahoo.com http://kotjrecords.blogspot.com.es/

The Smoggers album "Chinese Food" is also available at Bandcamp for a mere €5, go take a listen!

Contact the Smoggers: smoggers @ hotmail.com

Get the single from: KOTJ.Records@yahoo.com

Download Chinese Food: BANDCAMP

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