Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hypnotic Eye - Marianne 7 " single and album out soon!!!!!

The Hypnotic Eye are a South London-based five piece Flower-Punk band, who play abrupt, slightlydelic garage, haunted by Brill-Building pop & Musique Concrète. The Hypnotic Eye take their name from George Blair's cult classic horror film. Known for their prismatic dress and engaging performance, the group are fronted by 19 year old, Grace Lightman. 

A fully independent limited pressing 7" of The Hypnotic Eye's debut single "Marianne" featuring a cover of The Omens' "Searching" is out now..........and I have to say it really is rather splendid indeed! Kicking into play with a kind of early Stones type guitar riff (Chuck Berry really then!) and driven along with the feel of The Small Faces, "Watcha Gonna Do About it" this song could only be a winner from the off,  and then, it gets even better when Grace Lightmans powerful vocals come into the equation, think Lulu with real attitude and you have "Marianne" a top notch single from the bands forthcoming album which should be available sometime later this year, and I for one, am really looking forward to hearing it!


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 You can buy a limited vinyl pressing of the single here and find details of the bands live dates amongst other news.

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