Sunday, August 5, 2012

Phenomenal Cat - Postcards From The British Empire. Part One. FREE DOWNLOAD

Earlier in the year I featured Phenomenal Cat and quoted their music as being "Delectable slices of power pop from the top shelf of the confectionary shop."   They have now released the first six singles from their single a month project in a single package which has a little nod to my earlier comment, only the ever modest band decided to go for the middle shelf, I however, still go with my original comment of top shelf material.

Phenomenal Cat have recently been taken on by Futureman Records for this release and are currently working on the next single for release later this month.

Download Part 1 of Postcards From the British Empire here: Futureman Records

Contact, befriend, like and love Phenomenal Cat here: Facebook

Don't forget to check out all the other albums on Futureman Records too, there are some great acts on there.

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