Saturday, August 4, 2012

Surf School Dropouts - Summer Is A State Of Mind. OUT NOW

Sun drenched harmonies and tunes that wouldn't be out of place in the surfing meccas of California like Santa Cruz, Huntington and Capistrano.  You can very easily picture this quartet in their baggys, surfboards tucked neatly under the arm, strolling casually from the Woody down to the shoreline in all their tanned glory, the only problem is that these guys would have to take a 4060 mile (6533.96 km) drive from their native Copenhagen in Denmark first!

Photo: Christian Bendix
I can only imagine that the album title was born on a typical summers day, I only live a couple of hours north of these guys, so I am in the know, summer really is a state of mind for the best part in these parts, but these songs will really warm the heart, even if it is rainy and grey outside.
  Ok, they don't really fall far from the format of the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, The Fantastic Baggys, Four Speeds of any of the other great surf acts, but they have perfected the sound, the harmonies, the style and above all the heart of surf music.
  Their music is not devoid of originality, in fact on many tracks they have brought the whole sound up to date, the track "Run Away" has a real freshness to it and reminded me a bit of The Cosmic Rough Riders.  All the tracks on this album are written by the guys, you can find some covers on youtube where they cover the Beach Boys and Mariah Carey though.
 This, all said and done is a fantastic debut from an extremely talented outfit. I love it.

Surf School Dropouts was formed when in fall 2008 friends Andreas, Christian and Martin – who shared a common love for the music of The Beach Boys – decided that they would start singing Beach Boys songs on semi-regular basis. Later, Jari joined the group that would, however, remain nameless for a few more months.
Harmony-laden songs of sun, fun and love - with the occasional dash of melancholia and longing – seem to be what being a Surf School Dropout is all about so far.
Surf School Dropouts are:
Andreas Jacobsen - vocals & keyboard/guitar/bass/drums, Christian Bendix - vocals & guitar/bass, Jari Nielsen - vocals, Martin Jensen - vocals.
This has been on constant repeat since I found it and is very quickly becoming one of my favourite albums this year, if you love the sound of the summer, great surf music, great harmonies, then this is an album you need to have!
Listen and buy the album here: Bandcamp 
Contact, befriend, like and love Surf School Dropouts here: Facebook 

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