Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Begging Sea (Ex Sherwood)

A few years back I discovered a great band called Sherwood who sadly broke up this year after several EP's and three full length albums, it was a real shame to see this band, influenced by The Beatles and Beach Boys amongst others, break up, but then that is the way things go I guess.

The good news though is that frontman Nate Henry has a new project going called The Begging Sea and is currently raising funds through "Kickstarter" in order to put a new album out.  I think that this is the only way many bands are able to put music out these days as funding from record labels is very hard to come by.
Take a look at Nate's great video to raise funds for the project.


So far The Begging Sea have managed to obtain pledges to the value of nearly 10,000 dollars but need to raise 15,000 to get the project under way with just under a month to go.  There are different deals for different pledges, you can have a meal with Nate, have a song written and recorded for you or someone else (cool gift idea!) or even a dog day with you and your dog and Nate and his very talented dog and much much more!
 Go take a look at the Kickstarter page here: The Begging Sea Kickstart

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The 1840's - Pushing Squares Down Back to Size

This Tel Aviv 3 piece power pop outfit, led by prominent songwriter Avishai Efrat, sure know how to craft a fine tune or seven as they display here on this 7 track mini album.

The 1840's are: Avishai Efrat Vocals & Guitars, Abiathar Oren Bass & Vocals and Adam Blumethal

This is a great debut from the band with some really driving, well crafted songs, my favourite track is the album opener "Rainbow" which has a great catchy chorus, my only disappointment with these guys is that they didn't go the whole way and release a full album, but I guess that just gives us something to look forward to!

I wasn't able to find out too much information about these guys as their bio is very short and reading their facebook to try and gleen some more info was a bit tough as the majority of the posts are in hebrew, but I am sure they would love to see some posts there from all over.

Listen to and buy the mini album at a "Name Your Price" cost here: Bandcamp

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Atomic Jones - Previous Adventures in Lo-Fi FREE 20 TRACK DOWNLOAD!

Not to be confused with the Tom Jones tribute band of the same name, this is the Atomic Jones featuring Paul Bertolino, Brent Ratkovich, Nathan Alfaro and Mitch Norwick which could only mean one thing, this is classic power pop with all the trimmings and more and what is more it is totally free and in these times of austerity measures, something for nothing is great and something that is free and great is even better!

This album was recorded on a 4 track and one surprising feature here is the quality of the recordings, but don't take my word for it, download it and enjoy it!!!!

Also check out Paul's other albums on Bandcamp, they are all brilliant and mostly free!!!!!!  Cheers Paul.

Download the album FREE here: Bandcamp

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The Sitting Tenants - From The Ground Up. Out 13th August.

Another sparkling gem found on the bandcamp site that I just had to share is The Sitting Tenants, a band firmly rooted in the sound of the sixties but stretching their sound to encompass a bit of power pop and soul along their musical journey, I love the drive of these songs, stomping beats and some classic rhythm and blues harmonica as well as some dirty feedback!

 The Sitting Tenants are a band built from musicians with a love of classic power-pop, new wave, psych & soul. Signed to the very discerning Modernist label 208 Records, the band have a powerful small venue live show with some great tunes. This is the true spirit of pub-rock; original tunes with classic influences, well played. Thats live music!!

The Sitting Tenants are: Rob Dady - guitar, vocals, harmonica, Pat Luszcz - bass, vocals, feedback
Luke Bibby - drums and John Sawyer - guitar, vocals .

Rob Dady was the frontman and leader of the mod band "Roundabout" for ten years, touring all over Europe and releasing 2 albums before founding the "208 Records Label" and forming the current band.
The "208 Records" concentrates on bands influenced by the Mod & Psychedelic era, from power-pop to ska, from folk to soul to the mists of English Psychedelia.
Rob told me, "The aim of all my musical activity is to provide a platform for crafted bands & songwriters playing their own music influenced by classic bands from The Action to The Zombies & all in between!!" and listening to the bands on the label, not only do I suggest checking out The Sitting Tenants but check out the other artists that he has signed.

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Check out the other artists on the 208 Records label here: 208 Records 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Sunny Boys - FreebOObin. OUT NOW

The summer is always a great time, hitting the beach with friends, warm evenings with a heady blossom scent in the air and of course a good soundtrack for the season.

The Sunny Boys were born in 2003 as the Italian Beach Boys Tribute Band, and started producing their own material in 2008. The “Sunnies”, as the fans love to call them, are consantly in tour between Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Finland and Svitzerland, and after more than 350 concerts they keep on revisiting the Beach Boys harmonies also in their Surf/Rock original songs. In June 2007 they published “Back To The Beach“, a live album with 20 Beach Boys songs. On July 4th 2008 they published their second album with 10 original songs called “Beach Sounds“. In February 2009 they participated to the “Festival di Sanremo“, the most important music tv festival in Italy with their single “Respirando il mare”. In 2010 they came out with their second italian single “Aria di Vacanza“. In 2011 they are touring Italy, Finland and Spain, and in 2012 they release their second album "FreebOObin'".

The Sunny Boys 10 track album is a soundtrack to make that trip to the beach to, windows rolled down, arm on the door and played loud for all to hear, spend the day kicking back at the beach or wherever and then head home and party to the upbeat, melodic tunes with the surf harmonies we all know and love.

Well, that is me then, off to wax the board, fire up the little deuce coupe, crank up the stereo and hit the beach, if anyone asks where I am, tell 'em I'm surfin!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Stanley Road - Mieres-Bridge Limited Edition Single

Stanley Road have released a limited edition 7" single and once again it is an absolute stomper with echoes of The Jam in amongst the grooves.  I have to say I am really looking forward to an album from these guys who seem to be going from strength to strength!

Stanley Road born in 2003 in the Asturian coal basin, specifically in Mieres, post-industrial city full of unemployed where the drug drove youth wild and cause ravage back in the 80's ... The boys decide to form a Mod revival band with the idea of shake the national scene and return this style to the place it deserves.

Listen to and buy the single here:  Bandcamp

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The band also have some great T-Shirts with their logo on and I am the proud owner of two of them!!!
Shipping queries and any other questions to:

Retrosonic Podcasts Mod Scene Part 1 & 2.

My good friend and fellow blogger Steve from the Retroman blog has compiled 2 very good podcasts on the Mod Scene that I would like to share with you today, featuring music by, The Past Tense, Monkeeman, The Lemontops, Len Price 3 and many, many more.  Enjoy!

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