Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kurt Baker - Brand New Beat. OUT TODAY

Kurt Baker's first full length since leaving The Leftovers and he has delivered, as near to damn it, the perfect Power Pop album with "Brand New Beat."  The songs are extremely infectious, as we have come expect from Kurt's offerings, and as per usual we lose the ability to sit still for the duration of the album whilst joining in on every chorus on every track.

Kurt has a saying "Have a good time all the time" this is a saying he clearly lives by and it certainly transcends into his music which is fun from start to finish, on this album, and on his 3 previous EP releases.  The songs are well well crafted with a good mix of melody and rawness to them, this is real kicking rock 'n'roll music.

A teaspoon of Elvis Costello, a half pint of Paul McCartney, a gallon of Joey Ramone and just a dash of Rick Nielsen...put it in your nose, mouth or oven on a Saturday night. By 2AM you'll have something resembling the likes of Kurt Baker. Repeat often.

4077 Photography.

This album has basically walked into my top albums of the year list and Kurt Baker has proved beyond any doubt, that he is a master craftsmen when it comes to Power Pop, in years to come when we are talking about the Power Pop classics, Kurt's name will be right up there with the best of them and I am sure that there is still more to come, hopefully much, much more!

4077 Photography.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sharp Darts - Shoes Off EP.

Could The Sharp Darts be your new favourite band with their melting pot of Indie/Revival Mod/Power Pop fusions?  They are a relatively newly formed band hailing from Birmigham with the added spice of an Australian member amongst their ranks.
Listening to this EP, you certainly get a flavour of nostalgia from the likes of The La's, Oasis, The Libetines, The Real People and even Paul Weller's earlier album offerings, partner that with some well crafted tunes, uptempo stompers and some tight two part harmonies and you have a recipe for a band that could be destined to go far.
 If the world was a just place and the music scene wasn't being bombarded with the shit from X-Factor and the like, then we might be able to enjoy and reign in the talents of bands like The Sharp Darts and have another exciting era of music.

The Sharp Darts are currently playing around the West Midlands but are looking to cast their net further afield, so keep an eye out for them, or better still ask your local promoters to book them, don't forget to wave your shoes, don't throw them though, you may have to walk home in the rain!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sundials - When I Couldn't Breathe FREE DOWNLOAD

Sundials from Richmond VA argue the point that nothing is free in life by giving this rather superb album away for FREE and a rather splendid affair it is too!
If you enjoyed the punk pop sounds of Weezer and early Lemonheads then you will revel in delight with this band as they offer all that and more.  The songs are catchy and melodic and will have you singing along to the chorus on the very first listen.

The album is available for free on the bands bandcamp page but they also have a "Name Your Price" going on as well, if you like what you hear, do make a contribution to the band as it goes a long way to making sure that we get to hear more from them in the future and that would be great!

"When I Couldn't Breathe" is a really great uptempo, exciting album, I wish more bands would make music like this so we can breathe again!

Sundial are: Harris M. - guitar/vocals Carl A. - bass/vocals Cory C. - drums

Download the album FREE here: Bandcamp
The link for free download is at the bottom of the track listing, click on the normal "Name Your Price" area to make a contribution to the band.

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Official Page where you can buy the bands other records and this very fine T-shirt print below: Sundials

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nine Times Blue - Falling Slowly

Nine Times Blue are an Atlanta based band, who unashamedly wear their power pop/rock influences on their sleeves, often compared to The Gin Blossoms, The Smithereens and Jimmy Eat World, this band delivers classic sounds evoking thoughts of the classic era of Power Pop, whilst also conveying a sound and style which is very much in the now.  

Full of songs about love, heartache, loss and hope…Nine Times Blue continues the tradition forged by their influences by blending infectious hooks, layered harmonies, melodic guitars, McCartney-esque bass lines and a driving backbeat to make you tap your foot and sing along, whether it’s a song about new found love or a devastating break-up. “Falling Slowly” brings to mind the catchiest of Gin Blossoms songs interlaced with Coldplay and Snow Patrol’s lush guitars, and the lush background vocals on “Serena” remind one of the Beach Boys and Jellyfish. "Crazy To Think" is the best song that Nick Lowe never wrote. “Fun and Games” highlights the influence today’s Americana artists have had on Nine Times Blue’s primary songwriter – Kirk Waldrop.

The nine track album that will be released on November 20th is certainly one for those who like their power pop with a rockier edge, although that said, there are enough jangly guitars and melodies for this to sit comfortably in anyones collection, I have really enjoyed these songs and I can see myself pulling this one out for some long journeys in the car as it also makes for excellent driving music, not to be confused with "Drive Time Music" which is usually dull and mundane which are words that can't be associated with this album.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ashbury Keys - Wake Up EP

Ashbury Keys is a Texas-based alternative rock band centered around brothers David and Darwin Keys. David Keys acts as the band’s principal songwriter, lead vocalist, and guitarist, while Darwin Keys provides drums and vocals. Bassist and vocalist Bill Walter rounds out the band’s core lineup. With a premium placed on strong melodies, Ashbury Keys has assimilated the sounds of such influences as the Beatles, Radiohead and the Smiths to produce its own brand of rock that has garnered critical comparisons to bands ranging from the Foo Fighters, All-American Rejects and Weezer to the Cure.

The band’s catalog contains three full-length cd releases: Ashbury Keys, Dancers and Growing Up. The releases resulted in multiple nominations for Best Alternative Rock Band by the Houston Press, performances on nationally syndicated television shows, song placements in MTV's The Hills and Degrassi, featured tracks on industry websites such as kings of a&r and notlame.com, and significant airplay on college and internet radio. The band has provided live showcase and conference performances in venues from Los Angeles to Chicago to Austin, and shows supporting acts such as Oleander, Evan Dando, the Deftones, Splendor, Blue October, Bob Schneider, and the Subways.
Ashbury Keys released a new EP this year titled Wake Up. Engineered and produced by Louie Lino of Nada Surf and Matt Pond PA acclaim, the new recording provides yet another sample of the superb melodic rock of Ashbury Keys. The band just completed successful shows in Liverpool, England supporting the EP as part of the 2012 International Pop Overthrow Festival, and will perform additional IPO shows in San Francisco and Austin later this year.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gavin Guss - On High

Known in the Northwest as the front man for TubeTop (debut album co-produced by Peter Buck of R.E.M.) and The Tycoons, Guss has toured extensively as a member of Nada Surf, and playing piano for Jon Auer (The Posies/ Big Star), Fountains of Wayne, and Harvey 
Danger. On High is Gavin Guss’ second solo album, and follows a recent 7” single from Fin Records, “Riga in the Fall,” [FIN-LE7-028] – that was released in the summertime (always preparing for inevitable autumn) and this one comes to you in the Fall. This record cures both blues, and perhaps year-round, too. 

This is a fantastic album, on first listen it reminded me a little, well, quite a lot of Ken Stringfellows album "Touched" which I fell in love with on the first play and Gavin's album has had the same effect on me, although I am now hearing a few of his influences and discovering Gavin's own stylings, which are extremely pleasing to the ears of this listener.
The style is smart indie rock inspired by the classic melodic songwriting of the 60's and early 70's, wistful and humorous, often at the same time

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Download available here: itunes

Official Website: http://gavinguss.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Los Autonautas - Los Autonautas

Some fantastic Indie/Power Pop/Surf from Madrid.  Los Autonautas, deliver a really delightful album full of cool breezy songs, jangly guitar, hooks and harmonies.
The album is sung completely in Spanish, but this doesn't detract in any way from the quality of the songs and if you don't speak Spanish, I am sure you will find yourself singing along anyway and becoming fluent in next to no time, even if you don't know what you are singing!

If we are to believe the bands bio, which I translated via "Google Translate," Los Autonautas met 4 decades ago when members of the band met after a mistake in interstellar travel and all landed in 1960's California, the band all took on human forms except for Mr Pazos, who, as a gas matter couldn't do this.  The band then took up playing instruments in order to study the youth of the planet and began writing songs of desire, love, despair, excitement and the desire to annoy.
Fearing the US government, the band returned to "Rhea" (13th Moon of Jupiter) where they penned their songs, which they regularly return to earth to share with us.

Ok, I think that Google translate is having a laugh too, but hey ho, this is a fine album, go check it out yourself.

Los Autonautas from "Rhea." (Honest!)

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